RC ADVENTURES – Unbox & DRiFT for the 1st Time! SUBARU RALLY Kyosho MiNi Z AWD

I finally have my first Mini-Drift RC car.. and I can’t wait to start drifting! (Drift starts at 10:00 ) But first, I must unbox it.. and learn about the car before I start driving.

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  1. Bryant 2346

    í αm α dríft fαn líkє чσu juѕt unвσхєd вut mч mσm wσn't lєt mє gєt σnє

  2. SlackinPanda

    i love the Z's and they look really well built. I do have a baja, and ran a Nitro for a while. But its hard for me to want to spend so much on something soooooo small. The bird i plan to buy is going to cost the same as one of these..

  3. Mykeil Harris

    You probably won't get this but it would be nice if you could answer to this on my Instagram @mlh21098 I need help on getting a cheap rc drift car

  4. GamingPretty

    Houston needs small tracks, the large tracks keep on dying …

  5. TheGuyWithNoName

    Im saving up for a 1/10 Ferrari 458 drift spec but i dont have income so i gotta whait for My birthday

    Like If you want a Rc drift car

  6. Herman Phillips

    Dear RC Sparks I have a 1:5 scale exceed barca and would like to start buying some upgrades, one upgrade is hydraulic brakes from fid racing do you know anything about them?

  7. Erwin Vogel

    oa computer dude check out my traxxas slash 4wd on ebay mebe youll wan to buy it its almost all new im sellin it for 350 my ebay name is amadovoge_0

  8. john courtney

    Ball races are the one mod that you must do, however I've never need to glue the tyres to the wheels… The little 130 motor doesn't really spin them fast enough even when you change the pinion gear and run the "hot" motor

  9. smoky flame

    i have a second gen xmod with the transformers Barricade police car body. with working police lights and i started xmods way back when they first came out a very long time ago. my first xmod was the black civic and hade them ever since. also got the blue f150 with the lift kit installed fun little cars.

  10. bcj117

    Watching this video reminds me of when my brother and I would put scotch tape on the tires of our Days of Thunder Tyco cars and race around the linoleum floor of our kitchen. Drifting before we even knew what the hell it was!

  11. Risha Circuit

    why would you think RWD is harder than AWD? RWD is way more realistic.. please get a RWD drift car and give it a chance it's not that bad check out my videos


    love the mini z. i have an mr=02 and 03. they're awesome. so much fun. been racing them for over 10 yrs.

  13. Torro ́s RC Channel

    Nice Unboxing Video and really cool Kyosho Mini Z Subaru Driftcar 👍👍

  14. emaxxss

    medic duracel has a 1250 mah battery thats what I run in my xmods

  15. Farming 101

    You actually don't sound too bad I've heard worse. Cool car!

  16. rockdown92

    Cool Video 🙂 Saw your Kyosho Mini and had to buy one too. The Mini-Z MR-03 Sports LaFerrari. I am so excited. Greetings from Germany. 🙂

  17. Jason Hopkins

    I have a Losi micro SCT brushless. It has a five wire steering servo that periodically locks up and stops working. I have looked and can not find any losi servos for sale that fit this little truck. Any ideas?

  18. MrFancypants4

    Did I miss your running video of the WL Toys Ken Block car?

  19. Steven Young

    As a Subaru driver this is just another item for the wish list.

  20. rolf v81

    Magnificent magnificent video Subaru!
    thank you for visiting my chain there should be videos which interests you 👍🏁🏁

  21. Ken Smith

    I have the two wheel drive Mclaren body. Been racing about a year.

  22. Kenny Kroeger

    what one would be get now that that u have them both and do u plan to make that brushless