RC Cars Drifting with Fire

Essen Motorshow.

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  1. Ricardo Bernal Official

    This is how my real friend died for real no joke he really died he was drifting and a house was on fire he hit the house and couldn't get out of the car and burned to death so did his Nissan R35 Ben Sopra in Matt blue kinda like Brian's.

  2. The BMX channel

    what i felt like would happen when i first started running lipo

  3. Chris Easterbrook

    how do I set up 1/8 nitro buggy to drift in coroner's on a astro off road track ??

  4. Paul Garcia

    Iam not gonna join that challenge because I don't want my rc burns

  5. Kevin Lunn

    you add Burnout Demons and make a ton of smoke would look very cool

  6. Lanzenreiter Galaxis

    If I was there, I would bring my drifting semi truck, lol I would set the track on fire.


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