Rc Cars Tokyo Drifting

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24 Responses

  1. MRVLZ /NOR/

    What is the name of the car with the rainbow lights/LED's?

  2. Rick Payne

    yo man whats the second song called that you played i wanted to no that song since i saw the movie

  3. Benjamin Van

    Nice cars! Were are u in tokyo? I'm going in may ;-)

  4. pkachu133

    nice skills dude , you need a better cam thats the only bad thing 

  5. Piercen Hudson

    Thanks! I have a lot more just like this one! Feel free to check them out! :-)

  6. Piercen Hudson

    Yeah sorry about that, I had copyright problems so it only allows computers to watch it.. But thanks! 

  7. MrJcosenza79

    Ahhhhhh, no mobile. Gotta power up the lap top, lol