RC Cars vs Real Cars

Hooning around with RC cars! I’ve always wanted to see how an electric rc car would do drag racing a real car, now I know. We were using a Traxxas Slash 4×4 …

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38 Responses

  1. Rocky

    Super funny video! Love the video! I'd do some 1/8 mile runs but they'd get me on the big end. I broke 100 mph in my slash, and it's nearly instant, but I topped out at 101.

  2. Raj Sankla

    i dare u to use the traxxas xo1 against the real cars!!! XD

  3. James grant

    That's fucking ridiculous and kool at the same time

  4. 95TurboSol

    0:33 motor is a little big for that little guys britches lol

  5. Da. REAL

    keep that thing on a straight line and will smoke a camero zl1

  6. Austin Faut

    My slash will go 100 mph in 4.48 seconds

  7. Koolavinine X

    Podium finish…1st place RC guy, 2nd place RC guy, 3rd place RC guy.

  8. Erik Gomez

    halu fake the real carsare leting the rc cars win


    hahahaahah the fastest Is rc win!!!

  10. egn83b

    The hybrid cars on the road these days have more wheel torque then gas cars do but they are limited in ramping motor speed due to the electronics under stress to drive the motor. The 2010 Prius on its first year on the streets suffered from too much current on the igbt's they came up with a software update which restricted the amount of ramp speed on the motor to limit the heat build up on the inverter componets. Some people had for a short time had a very fast off the line prius before the update came and some burned up the inverter and toyota nurtured the car to make it last longer. You get a sticker that says the capacity load has been reduce by 4 lbs in the door jamb.

  11. jd parker THE BLOCKER


  12. Rich

    if you can sit on the rc car and still go that fast, then that's impressive.

  13. smoothjacketdakila 856

    how can a tiny rc car beat a real car

  14. Sean

    The funny part is for about $1000 you can get a box stock RC car that will outrun every single one of these real cars…0-60mph in under 3 seconds, 0-100 in under 5 seconds. Stock.

  15. Kosal Yan

    3000 pounds car vs on a smaller scale car of weighing at 1 or 2 pounds car playing a very huge difference. It's like taking a fat boy running against a skinny boy. 90% of the time the skinny boy will win the race.

  16. Kosal Yan

    Secret to this speed is weight reduction

  17. Ch1ll

    Put a traxxas X-01 on that track or a traxxas funny car

  18. uptown 145 funky time

    dem rc cars is fast as fuck and BADASS

  19. Mobay876

    Sweet video I have a lot of drag raceing on my page check me out mobay876