RC CWR HPI WR8 X 3 rally time, lets race

Rally Time with 3 WR8s taking on the dirt track in the Foothill Industrial area. Todd, Will and I hooked up a couple pallets behind the truck with some weight on …

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28 Responses

  1. fatcunt 90

    I've got a 1 8 block,,I do a lot short circuit rally,, 2 ft jumps,,this crap is boring,,not enough drifting of corners,, u people can't even drive properly,, running after my car is not fun

  2. Pat Eldridge

    cool cars, nice action shots, but the music gave me ear cancer.

  3. Anthony S.

    One of the best vids yet on Youtube.
    I want to find a group of guys here in phoenix, az to run with just like this vid. I just picked up a Hobbyking RZ-4 Rally Basher that I'm currently preping for dirt racing.

  4. Andre Guinto

    Where do you buy cheap rc drift or rally cars

  5. Unrao sandhu

    this shit is fucking gay you guys need to get a life or a job or some shit u old fucks.

  6. Rafael Sanchez

    I like the way this rally cars race in any surface but, what you do to preserve the sprockets with the gravel?


    Great stuff bud! I'd love to get my rally out again. I tried it at black foot and it's not quite smooth enough, you know? Looked like a great time. Great filming job too.

  8. LarryPaetun

    very cool cars man looks like fun… and impressive line up of R/C's in the intro

  9. Fabián Yanez. V

    Speed and action, shots great you showed her, like me.

  10. Khorsathedark

    Nice vid, the track turned out well. I want a rally car, but the price is beefy and hard to justify when I have three SCTs.

    I've been thinking about turning my old slash into a rally ride.