NISSAN SKYLINE 2000 GT & PANDORA RC PRODUCTS Thanks to RCMART http://www.rcmart.com -Body: https://goo.gl/rDiyR0 ABC HOBBY zero one super …

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42 Responses

  1. mercedes benz

    if i saw this going down the streets i would think: that guy ruined a classic

  2. Alex Diablos

    Made a short cours apocalypse if not super continuous video

  3. urban destruction rc

    please do an american ford f-5 recovery lowrider 🙂

  4. KrisRaps

    That front headlights look so stupid and idiotic, better put them in, i mean, where did you see a car driving like that? every single people would oput them normaly in in a real car even with zip ties or some wires, cmon now. dont do stupid things, the car look sgood and the aging is opretty nioce, but that lights are just pure stupidity

  5. BlueDually4x4

    Killer body work as always. And the music fits the build really well.

  6. Dirty D's RC

    Oh Wow. You just flip my lid. You are a master builder. 🙂

  7. mike andrade

    olive can you do a pinless body mod all that hard word an those dam body rods kill me but i cannot for the life of me figure out a good way to get rid of em besides you know not using a body lol

  8. Thomas Rupesinghe


  9. Michael G

    Great, I love your builts! Greetz from Germany 🙂

  10. tech junky

    Why do you not have more subscribers, your skills are unmatched

  11. MrLeomodel

    Yo mec, j'ai cru voir que tu faisais de la musique et vu que tu bricoles, je voulais savoir si tu avais déjà travaille sur des instruments de musique?

  12. Vicente Brasil BRASIL DA ROSA

    Essa arte final com efeito trash chic ,com esse envelhecedor fica bem realista,parabéns!

  13. Abood the gamer 35

    mmmm..could you do a custome one with full body and no rust

  14. Dirk K.

    What is your profession? I mean what do you do for living?

  15. Andrew Robins

    What kind of styrene do you use and where do you get it?

  16. Rc Model

    Salut olive
    Encore une belle carrosserie
    Mais où trouves tu cette peinture rusted magnifique

  17. boomerhgt

    Pretty damn cool love your videos a talented man

  18. Basildon Trail Blazing Buddies

    That was cool using resin parts.

  19. Jihoo Kwak

    Umm That's good work, but I have a question.
    Why is an intercooler installed in a supercharger?

  20. Your Name

    it would be cool if you put a 2jz model engine under the hood instead of a supercharger and blower

  21. konishiwoi

    Encore une magnifique création ! Le seul petit détail qui me chagrine, c'est le moteur qui dépasse du capot, au vu du style de la voiture (une japonaise pour le drift), je me dis qu'un (ou deux) turbo qui dépasse serait plus approprié.

  22. wesley entretenimentos

    incrible oliver rc parabems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. alex vernyi

    Awesome looking car. Also, what's the story about the Vinewood Motel sign on the table?

  24. Rod Lilly

    Drool every where. Another you make it look easy. Killer build.

  25. Colby Speaks

    where do you get a cr drift car. And I love you video. Also the work on the rc shell is nice.