RC Drift Cars vs Parkour

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37 Responses

  1. Howie PeeBottle

    It's Lamborghini people. Not "lambergini" or "linguine" *facepalm*

  2. Bruce Freeze

    where did you get that lambergina at Walmart or target or the mall

  3. Sammeli Valle

    now is 2016 and this video is 3 years old.Can you do it now plz?

  4. Han Industries

    Мне одному кажется или парень похож на оксимирона???

  5. Rc Nerd

    I could walk over those cars. He made it so dramatic when he did a flip thing

  6. doddipatla sai siddardha

    how did u buy that car plz say but i like the lamborghini car very muck plz send me a details how did u buy that car fron online or did u buy in the shop plz say to me ok dont forget

  7. Damien Pophin

    le gars a oublier de retirer l'étiquette du pantalon XD

  8. Bob Frankenstein

    spoiling title: 'some guy jumping flamboyantly over 2 slow rc cars at the end' n that's it…

  9. Gene Harris

    man that was stupid that did not make sence 😤😤😤😤

  10. Nükleer Oyuncular

    güzel olmuşta kullandığınız programın adı ne sony vegas pro mu microsoft un bi programımı ney acaba ? (programın adı acil olarak lazım acil cevap)