RC RallyCross Race Track Action Video – Traxxas Rally Car

This is the new Traxxas 1/10 scale RallyCross Car. I haven’t raced RC cars for quite some time…and this car is what brought me back! Right out of the box, this …

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22 Responses

  1. Mr C 90603

    thats a professional driver they can make any car look easy/fun to drive

  2. Tforce Sims

    I've never seen someone with so much skill before on this lev.

    instant sub

  3. kinkjay n

    not rallyx!!!! this is just a dirt track. rally cross is dirt, concrete jumps and water.

  4. J. Vinsand

    is that a stock set up? I also have a rally, with tons of upgrades, and can not get that kind of handling out of it. any hints you can throw my way?

  5. LobsterAttack1

    A rallyX track like this in real life would be off the hook! Deadly… but off the hook. Good driving btw

  6. Kevin Danger Powers

    Just some fyi, this is just a slash with the lcg frame. The only other differences are cosmetic. Things like the body and bumpers.

  7. Max Ducharme

    I went and seen anrace of traxxas today, really cool i want to buy one, any one have recommendations on traxxis truck?

  8. Honza Papež

    things like 1/10 scale motors, shocks, etc don't exist. They're just tradition, but they're specified in rules of class, as 540 motor, batteries of given dimensions etc… One good example is Tamiya TA05 M-four. It's 1:10 M-chassis, and although previous cars shared components with 1:10, M-four is made 370 motor and small life packs, same as their 1:12 chassis. In other way, they sell 1:12 bodies on 1:10M-chassis with 540 motor and list it as 1:12 car

  9. Brian Kirby

    But that would negate everything associated with "scale" rc as motors, shocks, ESCs, wheels, etc!!! Rally 1/10 scale uses a 1/10 scale motor. Go figure!! And 1/10 scale shocks!! And 1/10 scale wheels. I know it is not a true 1/10 scale car, and so should anyone who buys one.

  10. Ratte Gonzales

    Thats a nice car, but i think the Slash is the better choise

  11. Honza Papež

    That's not excuse. If they make rally car, scale should corespond with real rally car. If they want to sell rally car on Slash chassis, they should rename it to 1/8 or whatever scale it is, so it won't be confused with real 1/10 cars.