REAL Tokyo Street Scene – Drifting, Highway Runs, Cops. – Vlog 69

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  1. Xmaster1990

    nice truck at 15:09 .
    I always have to laught at germans and what they call jdm over here. But your cars over there are just great!

  2. SuperDuperKid

    You can do what you want to YOUR car and no one will talk shit on you. If only the US car scene was like that.

  3. CriticoolHit

    @14:30 and forward. You just cant get away with that shit in the US. Not even for 5 minutes. And when the cops come they will come in force and those guys who blocked the cop on bikes to buy time would have all been shot and in some way linked to terrorism. The cops would have brought a dozen cruisers and chased those cars all night. Because our "good-ole-boys" just can't end the evening without one good beating.

  4. Zach Steward

    First off those are fucking mopeds. They are not bikers. In America cops have no chance at catching bikes on the open road. If you think a cop can do 180mph you are high

  5. theDownhiller

    Those are some real well tuned and cool looking Skyline GTR's over there in Tokyo's Daikoku parking area,same goes for the Subaru triplets and that one dark blue Mazda RX-8.
    I browsed the name Daikoku (interesting to know that it's a buddhist divinity name derived from Daikokuten with its origins in India which became one of Japan's 7 lucky Gods,happy-looking god of wealth,farmers,food, and good fortune and your home kitchen so it seems), although in earlier centuries he was considered a fierce warrior deity) in order to be sure that it's located in Tokyo and a ton of results were shown about this really popular parking area which's just 1 of the many gathering spots of an amazing car culture for real.
    What a shame that in Portugal the cops learned pretty quick how to ruin these kind of car culture parties on the known places were they take place and will continue to do so regardless…
    Respect to all the car culture enthusiasts and affictionates in Japan,from a Portuguese downhiller emigrant in Holland.

  6. oddiosanto

    it's sad how the most iconic cars are not made anymore by manufacturers… no more s2000 no more rx7 no more skylines, fto, etc

  7. Fahad King

    this shit shouldve been fast n furious movies…. makes me wanna fkn live the rest of my life in tokyo

  8. Alex Gc

    Broom brooom crash …. crash
    bruum bruumm … crash …. crash
    brrrummm crash*………………*crash

    That speed bump or whatever


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