Red Bull Rampage From Start to Finish

Pedal over to Red Bull TV for more biking: On a gusty day in Southern Utah, a group of 25 daring mountain bikers blew the doors off …

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28 Responses

  1. dajve bikinus

    that girl DOES seem like a rad chick

  2. EnDz Ellis

    whats the name of the dude in yellow and green?

  3. Paul Dubois

    I am french ten years old. I ride bicycle in beuvardes

  4. coolgamer91

    how do you not poop your self when going off ramp!!!!!!!

  5. Merdan Huseynov


  6. kframes01

    these people risk there lives every time they do this

  7. Lex Rubin

    Wouldn't the iMpact break the back tire?

  8. Rob G

    … i want to see action… not his girl crying and everyone ragging about how the pressure is on. the people actually on scene at events like this understand the pressure and whats its like to compete. youll never get that from a youtube video so lets just stick to raw power speed slams and makes…

  9. sirajdevil

    i could do this on my razor scooter while eating a burger.

    but then id have to die.

  10. Alexander Aguilar Garcia

    awesome salute donde El Salvador Central América.friends of the red bill mountain bike
    un my country existe one hill what no xplode
    never body,ñame os
    san jacinto hill
    ubiquity in san salvador city at south of Down
    early have there one Teleferic sain Jacinto
    blessing al l
    excelen t video ser later

  11. DoctorMaxMoebius

    I'm repeating my comment from another Red Bull page (See below. NOTE: I do wish they made healthier products – I'd drink that… and,

    RED BULL: Contact me – I have the next great drink for you…);

    Also, I love how the 2nd (3rd?) place guy w/ the pregger GF was cool with the half run. He nailed the flip; everyone knows he can handle the rest of the course (having already done so), and so by accomplishing the flip, as he said, "now I know I can do it". He'll have to wait until the next time, but at least his kid will have a dad for now… and hopefully a long, long time to come.

    THAT WAS AWESOME! At my age, it hurts to think about doing that, so THANK YOU to Dan and his colleagues, and to GOPRO – what a great product, to be able to bring us this.

    I had a chopper in my day (before BMX, which I regret, but also am thankful for – a neck injury prevents any activity close to anything like this..), and we would get pretty radical, but nothing like this, where inches, if not millimeters, makes the difference between a good run and a fatality! These guys risk life & limb to do this difficult, but totally worthwhile sport, so THANKS AGAIN, GUYS!

  12. Calvin Chang

    60 feet… almost 20 meters 6 stories high ……..