Red Bull Signature Series – Romaniacs 2012 FULL TV EPISODE 17

Check out more moto action here Check out Red Bull Romaniacs Hard Enduro Rallye 2012, one of the most extreme enduro races in the …

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33 Responses

  1. Ryan Barbolt

    watched this for 5 minutes before I got too sore to go on.

  2. FuckOff YouFaggotCunt

    I'm going for Jonny walker but good on Chris birch for giving it a go with a broken foot. Good on you brother!

  3. Alex Alvarez

    Cuál es el nombre de la canción que suena al inicio del vídeo

  4. Victor Max Games E Tutors

    nome da música? ???? por favor me digam o nome da música! !!


    what the fuck? 8:19 is this even a trail? or did they decide hey lets just have them drive up fucking niagra falls !

  6. 陶余平

    I have commented on the outside world through translation software. It's really wonderful to see all the long live democracy in mainland China.

  7. Willie Hill

    I'm 12 n can pass dat the river part is easy to navigate easy I'm a fisherman and wise

  8. Elk Kapaska

    I feel like 2 strokes are a bad idea in these cases. A good 250 4 stroke would dominate these hills, less talls, more torque.

  9. Tmanthekid

    I ride stuff like this in small doses. How do they do it

  10. gapadry

    oh man i have the heart but i dont have the bone structure to do that :(( awesome

  11. Kansumo Gaming

    we're not Romaniacs the ones who out that in the title and an maniac + and idiot who comes up with stupid ideas every day