Renault Rally Car Racing Fails | Mario Kart Banana Peels

During the World Series by Renault race, plenty of cars have a really difficult time making it around this corner. The slick roads make it seem as though Mario is …

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48 Responses

  1. Justin Hoffman

    0:41 Am I the only one that finds irony in a WD-40 car spinning out?

  2. gamersxs

    Nobody cheered when the driver got out? The fuck switzerland?

  3. Googlefluff857

    Love this track in GRID! Especially good for crashes lol

  4. TheBreakfastClb

    The guy in the first video is the real MVP

  5. Joshua Wilson

    At least the WD-40 car did a squeaky turn, fail in my books.

  6. Johnny PepeDaTurd

    That WD 40 does wonders on everything!!! 

  7. DCI2fst4u

    Rally car ? you guys don't know the difference between a track and a rally stage ?

  8. KR3WskaterD

    the first one is deffo a win he went through all of those cars

  9. Cadde

    The fail is that they are racing Renaults to begin with.

  10. MoZer

    What's the big deal? It's not like there's lava or homing turtle shells on this map.

  11. Marwan Hossam

    That corner is very hard not all driver can pass it at the highest possible speed

  12. Sponzy

    tbh this track and especially this turn is so fucking tricky i've been through that several times in circuit races in forza motorsport 5.

  13. Enderfailer

    Eau Rouge… where you feel like someone turned of physics for a few second. This corner is a bitch

  14. ProRallyDriver

    FYI That is not a Rally car buddy…. Nice video! 🙂

  15. BearLeeBadenaugh

    There's something amusing about seeing the WD-40 car spinning around 

  16. Aaron Purtell

    And that is why front wheel drive is a bitch haha

  17. BMXmagic8

    the last one..all he does is win win win no matter what

  18. 4evainsomniac

    Oh that's not 🍌 slips that's drifting with style lol. Some didn't manage to do so well but others handled this like a boss 😀


    That track looks familiar, is that in Forza 5?