Repsol Honda MotoGP Team

A look inside the Repsol Honda MotoGP Team, with footage of Dani Pedrosa, Casey Stoner and Andrea Dovizioso in action plus a look inside the team’s …

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17 Responses

  1. Petar Juric

    Japanese manufacturing on top constantly, making Europe look avarage

  2. Famas arfdsafsa

    esperate y ve a rossi y lorenzo en 2013 jajaja! alli vemos quien es el duo mas fuerte!!! wohooho!!

  3. alejandro caicedo

    si es la verdad, que honda hoy por hoy tiene el duo mas fuerte
    pero no se olviden de lorenzo con yamaha
    a sin olvidar al grande valentino rosi, que lamentablemente no tiene moto

  4. epicmenio

    Awesome video, just for the part that keep repeating.

  5. Bruce Wayne

    You too can get one if you have the money. My buddy who makes over $200k a year and own two restaurant in Thunder Valley, CA went directly to Honda Racing technology Division in Japan and have one made for him. the Bike is Identical to the 2010 RC211 motogp model with just over 180hp. He love this bike so much he's welling to spend $150,000 for it. I told him r you fucking nuts dude. I rather buy a house instead. Honda would not tune the bike to their race model spec for security propose.

  6. MrKamechan

    I hope you'll still have your sense of humour if your Repsol starts to burn 1 L of oil every 1000kms. Go visit some of the forums and educate yourself.

  7. MrKamechan

    @MS3boostin — Yes, I am aware of the CBR1000RR. I have one. And you're right–most riders cannot push today's sportbikes to the limit. But a "replica" of the RC is what many of Honda's enthusiast customers want, not another cookie-cutter inline-4, (especially one that was engineered poorly like the 2008-2011 generation 1000RR: 4 cranks in 4 years, oil burning due to poor ring design, poor paint, etc…etc…). Hopefully the 2012 model will be better-sorted…

  8. MS3boostin

    @MrKamechan they do its called a cbr1000rr and it only costs a little under 14,000…no one can push it to its limit except pros or experienced track day riders, so the idea of giving average riders a rc211v would be a death sentence or incredible waste of potential…

  9. MrKamechan

    If only Honda would make a street-going replica of this bike. The world would beat a path to their door.
    Of course the bean-counters will never allow it to happen…