Riders discuss 20 races in MotoGP™ from 2019

In the pre-event Press Conference at the #CzechGP, riders from the MotoGP™ gave their thoughts on having 20 races on the calendar from 2019.

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41 Responses

  1. Eduardo Coelho

    Portimão, Portugal. AIA Circuit is awesome

  2. Siddun Khwaja

    Please come to India BIC (Budh International Circuit) !!!

  3. Diablo99V

    That sounded so pushed. 20 races is too much, they can say it, or can they? Makes me wonder how profits over everything.

  4. JR Review!

    Mexico needs MotoGP Hermanos Rodríguez Circuit needs Bikes.

  5. Kerry Hwang

    2019 VR Retire, IF VR retire, im also retire to watch motogp, because a reason i watch motogp cause motogp have a legend live in motogp, but if VR retire i think motogp not exciting for me….

  6. mm93

    Come to Sydney. So we have Sydney and Phillip Island to go to.

  7. memebs

    Not related to MotoGP, but should have TT on Nordschleife

  8. Sunny Saha

    2019! Almost 20 months… Lots of time i not excited yet.. I think MotoGP should change to 2018…

  9. Bret

    I live in the U.S and have direct tv does anyone know what channel they have the MOTO GP races on?

  10. Ema Sca

    Well, It is going to be very stressful for the riders to ride in 20 races, but still i would really like to see again tracks like Spa Francorchamps, Suzuka, Donington park, Imola, Laguna seca and Estoril replacing places like Valencia, Aragona( circuits i dislike) and , If necessary, Argentina, Austin, ( i like Them both but they're not hair-raising) and Sachsenring. Sorry for my bad english but i'm a 15 years old boy from Italy and,most of all, my keyboard is also giving me plenty of problems. See you in Sunday.

  11. Ben Williams

    Come to donnington plenty of action would be nice to see two British GP as we have 5 Spanish GP

  12. Spitzer Impact

    I think they were coached but that is me. 20 races in a season is a helluva lot.

  13. muhammad shofwan

    f1 teams are too busy because so many races, they're even almost not have a holiday in summer break

  14. iadminko

    MotoGP fans will be happy only if there will be the race for every weekend! 🙂

  15. SkullSquadronVF84

    Bring back Motogp to Fox Sports in the US!!!

  16. Ville Boe

    yeh and 2019 race on Finland ? Käännetty so happy

  17. melaku yirga

    I think 18 races per season is enough. I like new countries/circuits being added but there are also one or two GPs that has to be gone like Qatar(No offense but Losail last time was shit).