Riding with Travis Pastrana in His Dodge Dart Rally Car! The J-Turn Ep. 17

On this episode of The J-Turn, Jessi Lang catches up with Travis Pastrana, who has won championships and X Games gold medals in several events, including …

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44 Responses

  1. Kappy ツ

    AWD upgrade, turbo, probably an entire different engine, massive suspension upgrades. If you want your dart to look like this you will need to put another 20k into it.

  2. ImPetey

    FFS did he really just put money into a fking dart?

  3. DSMerkonmyface

    what engine is that ? doesnt look like any that dodge offers for the dart

  4. JC Reacts

    I wish they discussed what was done in this car to make it so powerful…. if only it came like that from the factory lol

  5. Antonino

    a mediocre pilot
    He said by the subaru executives who have repented for having him on the team

  6. LM Space

    Wow, the way he talks now he has matured by a lot. Great driving!

  7. Zax Crylan

    is he talking about his dart or the for sale darts? because they are fat, heavy and unimpressive in the performance.

  8. Wayne Priest

    Wish i had as much balls as you baby,and an orig. trans am camero,one of my childhood dreams,Would love to meet with you


    what is done to this car i have a dart turbo i want to do some work to but idk what to do to it or who can do it for me

  10. sirspikey

    These shows are too short!! MOOORE!!! and I think she's got a crush on Travis…

  11. projjectX xxx

    I just put that crate motor in my dart 7200 for the motor, also came with the all wheels drive system…. I'm building what dodge couldn't and that's a true ralley dart… I'll keep who ever wants to see the build posted

  12. Esdras Castillo

    I'm probably not the first guy to ask, but where do i find women like you?!?! adventurous and full of energy who aren't afraid of anything and don't mind  to get a bit of mud on themselves. who are not the stuck up clubbers that only want to party and be a plastic barbie doll. 

  13. Clous von

    Why are people talking about the stock dart? His cars are insanely tuned it's hardly a dart after

  14. Jim Horst

    Liking my new Dart Limited,but seeing Travis wicking that race model out was great!!

  15. Michael Marquis

    Is the J-Turn will be back soon? That was a good one!

  16. lfsracer79

    What happened to Jessi? We haven't seen her for 7 months!

  17. Lancelot M

    this dart is noooothing like the stock one, wow lol!

  18. TheShokwav

    The reason I want a widebody awd dart is to compete with awd classes. Widebodies are just cool period. Theyre aggressive, distinctive and rare. Plus they increase performance with tractive abilities. It'll also be the only reason I but another dodge srt. If they don't ill stick to my audi.

  19. CanDrive55

    Glad to see you finally return. Hope you healed up nicely. Nice program to start the season with. Be careful.

  20. Arma2Rebel

    Does dodge have any cars in the European Rally Circut? 

  21. Kris Kezar

    I am glad that Travis Pastrana is going back to the Subaru team!!! 

  22. Ichiban Moto

    looks fun… hey Travis ! subscribe to my channel

  23. TheReapersSon

    I swear, if Dodge sold a Mopar version of this car that was spec'd out to be able to run off road with a wider wheelbase and suspension changes, I'd certainly be interested.

  24. Nicolas Soto

    How did he get his dart body that wide? i want mine to look like that 🙁

  25. Jake Gilmour

    What happened to this show? Where is Jessi Lang and The J-Turn episodes?

  26. TheShokwav

    Dodge has an awd train from an avenger setup in this dart chassis. Srt dart has been confirmed. If its not a widebody awd though I'm not spending the money for it. Dodge needs to up their anti-mitsu+ subie program. They wont conquer without that. This dart is producing 600hp a substantial test for a factory dart block probably gonna average 350-400 factory. Expect much slower just because of interior amenities. NOTE TO DODGE- MANUAL WINDOWS OPTIONAL. NOT STANDARD AUTOMATIC WINDOWS. Either way I can't wait. I've had two first gen srt4's and loved them both. My ex has an evo. Do the math.

  27. guiiza96

    Totally right with Raffy : we NEEEED MORE J-TURN !