Rimac Concept One vs LaFerrari

I race one of the fastest road cars in the world versus the world’s fastest electric cars on a quarter mile drag race! Ferrari LaFerrari vs Rimac Concept One (vs …

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27 Responses

  1. MisterSir

    i would give my left ball to drive around crotia in a concept one.

  2. Rashid cotton

    putting a high performance circuit car up against a car built for drag racing is a marketing scheme. let's see if that rimac can cash that laferrari in the corners how bow day.

  3. Brandon Lilly

    I'd take that laferrari than that backyard garage built rimac any day. I'm not even a Ferrari fan but I bet with all the rimacs performance it will have loads of mechanical issues that youd have a terrible time getting repaired if you life an entire continent away from its birth place. Learned that back when I drove mosler mt900 here in the states 5 years ago

  4. Peter Robann Sobrepena

    Now, all of them bend their knees to Tesla p100d ludicrous easter egg @ 2.28 sec 0-60

  5. Rishi Chana

    Would love to see this Vs a Regera, seems like gearshifts are really bottlenecking the LaFerrari and also Alejandro's 918 in his video.

  6. Alexis Lavado

    i think a lambo will be a nice competitor… like the aventador or huracan

  7. Дед

    вижжит что тёлка

    концепт всех отдрючил как стоячих

  8. DeansGTAmemes

    i was litterally not surprised at all… electric engines have way more torque output off the line

  9. Sam S.

    im still taking the laferrari. i like the v12 scream.

  10. Sebas

    Why not the p100??? It would've been a better match

  11. Okane Haus

    No…No. That 2nd race with the LaFerrari wasn't close at all LMAO! The LaFerrari got s-p-a-n-k-e-d.
    Love the vid tho lol

  12. BeastMaster 64

    I gotta be honest the electric car is cool but I prefer that loud Ferrari noise not nothing

  13. Умахан Олоханов

    полный пиздеж ебаные тупые америкоси

  14. Joshua Lämmlin

    an agera r would fuck the rimac, if not in quarter mile atleast in a half mile race

  15. Tony

    Oh god someone please give those two cars professional drivers,not ricers….

  16. Exothermic Hairspray

    I'm not easily impressed but that concept is bloody incredible. Looks great too.

  17. Arob21

    The girl is fucking retarded for stoping her arms half way during the first run of the La Ferrari Vs Concept One

  18. Grauekraft

    and now try this again with a Model S P100D lol