Roblox high school:Rainbow rider vs Sparkle time sports car v2 drag race

this is best extreme acceleration fastest race recorded hope you like and subscribe to unlock to 50 subs to show off a rocket video.

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24 Responses

  1. Necie Williams

    the beep beep beep beep beep beeep beep beppy made my heart vibrate

  2. WUT !

    I took out a fost rider by using the Sparckle time sports car in a straight race.

  3. Hyena gaming

    rainbow riders better can turn faster and goes less faster so you donnt crash

  4. Justin Newton

    lol the frostrider destroys both of them, I know because I raced both of those cars

  5. Channel Canceled

    How did you get the rainbow rider? Did you play long?

  6. ZamCharleslil gamer

    "yours is faster" but "mine takes off faster" TRIGGERED BRUUHHHHHHHH WTF U MEAN MEANS THAT U BOTH FASTER :O

  7. Gavin Robienczak

    im waiting 200 days for it eight now i have 20,000 points

  8. Kingofgoldness R

    The rainbow rider accelerates faster but then loses speed, the golden one accrlerates moderately and gains speed.