Rolls Royce Rally Car

The new Rolls Royce Phantom Rally Spec! Subscribe for the next video: Music: …

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41 Responses

  1. juneid abubakar

    if you wanna destroy the car come to Kenyan roads you won't regret 😂😂😂

  2. Zhark

    This video reminds me of the old race car in cars that learn mcqueen how to drift

  3. friendlywhiteguy

    He probably does this with all his cars on the last day of the lease. haha

  4. allaino8061971

    Elle est vraiment super moche que voiture et je suis sincère comment peut-on acheter une voiture pareille ce n'est même plus une voiture c'est un paquebot le même plus le plaisir de conduire de toute façon les gens qui achètent ce genre de voitures ne les conduisent même pas c'est vraiment dommage de se priver du plaisir de conduire

  5. Kevin Hoonigan

    It would have been amazing if Colin McRae would have driven this in the rally stages on rally Great Britain

  6. Bryan_A99

    I was literally drifting around like this in gta with the Enus Super Diamond and wanted to see if it was real and Holy shit does this look epic.

  7. MB Gent

    Amazing…will miss this car. The newest Phantom video is on my channel.

  8. HDD Gaming

    Im so sad that the beautiful park with good grass is messed by this stupid driver that makes a luxury car to a rally car

  9. Martin Adams

    This is what I imagine it looks like when Batman needs to drive to the Batcave.

  10. Connor Flynn

    badass asf, imagine being his neighbor. yea, that asshole jimmy is out drifting his rolls-royce again lmfaooo

  11. Dmitry Zakharov

    видео прикольное, но владелец не понимает, что нельзя на такой кошке так ездить, не для этого она предназначена