Sales Girl Drifts Customers in Pickup Truck – Maxmantv

Car sales woman has a bad first day at work and decides to show off her drifting skills to her customers. For video use / permissions / licensing / more about …

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47 Responses

  1. benade xe

    omg, shes awesome. she's a serious driver. keep it up , u r cool. love this video , 😂👍

  2. sarah ashadi

    man : "you can handle this car? this is a man's car"

    then you'll see clearly how she handle it perfectly xD

  3. Bookie Florina

    I love how the big guy was the only one enjoying the ride lol.

  4. jaihofm

    this man's car…!? poyo la lu… use drypers la… haahahaa

  5. oiva huuhtanen

    THIS IS A MAAAAANNSSS CAAR the woman drives the man SCREAMS like a bit**

  6. Imran Hafiz Abbasi

    that true girls cant drive bt looking at you i believe tat there are few i meam only few who can drive

  7. Eyema Punk

    she is so damn hot! love her face while she's drifting lol

  8. anjali sharma

    well done gal… thumbs up… really feeling proud to see a gal driving like this…. they all were screaming lol… :)

  9. Andrija Nikolić

    You wanna see what this car can really do? HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!! Epic!!

  10. Von Ace

    "This is a mans car."

    Five seconds later starts screaming like a little bitch lmao

  11. Leo Parra

    this is a man's car, turns to a little bitch on sharp turn lol

  12. TheEdc85

    Wow chicks super hot and can drive! I was hoping for more driving but I'm sure she's way better than me

  13. rollerman

    it is amazing how the personality of people pops up in the situation. I hope purple t shirt gets good price for the car !
    thanks for this video made us laughing a lot, congratulation for the driver !

  14. Jake H

    The guy that wanted to be the racer had the best reaction, haha he was loving it.

  15. Ade Abioye

    most of those hard spoken guys pee their pants.. the Latino guy got a rock hard on ..

  16. Сергей Неважно

    шикарно дрифтит!!! вот только пассажирское сиденье в химчистку придётся отдавать.

  17. Penny Katz

    Interesting how the only one who isn't an asshole is the guy who didn't freak out.

  18. Dweepam Das

    After many days watched something diff and loved it…….💙💙