Scion FR-S vs Scion tC Drag Race Part 1: And the best Scion Sports car is? ) The 2014 Scion FR-S and the 2014 Scion tC are like two twins separated at birth. Of course these are very different vehicles in some …

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27 Responses


    that roast session they had 😂😂😂

  2. Cee The Man

    does anyone have any idea where to get 2016 scion front and rear fenders? I cant find any anywhere and I tried amazon and ebay. Also front and rear bumpers??? CANT FIND

  3. mark true spurs fan

    I'm sure now the 2ar is shared is most toyotas

  4. mark true spurs fan

    calls a tc a camry, dude it has a 2arfe engine not the 2azfe engine which is shared thru majority of Toyota cars, the 2ar has about the same tq at the crank like the frs, frs just has a few more ponies

  5. Ninjadragon40

    I think it's funny because the FRS puts down the same power as a Toyota Camry Hybrid

  6. Konrad C

    Frs eats the tc, gtfo of here. Frs driver cannot drive, almost stalled

  7. FarhantheMovieGuy

    That drag race was so painful to watch…….

  8. Woman Rights

    I wouldn't buy either car even if it was 50% off. Why would you like getting smoked by a mini van

  9. Marlon Sanchez

    Hi guys i just brought. 2008 tc but im wondering if its a good car and would like a professional opinion thanks

  10. zeon morrow

    Take the Prius tires off the frs and itd probably tie that tc

  11. Hectic Panda86

    This is false. I own an FRS and have smoked 2 TCs one newer and the other older in a drag race. FRS wins trust

  12. Michael Doohan

    wow i feel sorry for people who got a frs….

  13. sdaftermath123

    FRS is made for drifting and turning, not drag races. this is stupid.

  14. H00N Boysz

    These guys are not credible at all I own a FR-S and never in my life have i been pulled on by a tC fuck outta here with this shit

  15. Andy S

    I own a 2012 tC and I recently rented a camry, they are completely different on so many levels. Just because it shares the same platform and saying you know that doesn't make you sound very knowledgeable about cars. The tC is very heavily designed the Camry isnt it's pretty weak in cimparison

  16. Jonathan Carrillo

    that's a bull shit video i raced a tc in my stock brz we raced 3 times an all 3 i beat him

  17. Vladimir Zielony

    Dont be fooled by the results of this test, official records clearly indicate that the tC is slower than the fr-s for 0-60. Bad gear shifting from fr-s driver skewed actual results. If you dont believe me, do some research and you'll find the tC doing 6.8 sec when properly driven in manual and the fr-s 6.1 when properly driven.

  18. 2583060

    what was the 0 to 60 on the tC a mile above sea level, automatic trans?

  19. Thomas Kimble

    You guys have no idea how to treat new cars! Lol probably why you own old Toyota beaters

  20. Brian Soto

    The F-rs should have been boosted from factory tbh.