Scoring 23,149 on CarX Drift Racing

Didn’t beat my previous High score which is 23504 but still cracked the 23000 mark . Download the Game: CarX Drift Racing on the Playstore/ App Store for free …

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29 Responses

  1. Tonydarkness Gaming

    Look like this is Takumi playing CarX Drift Racing XD
    p/s: good run my best is 15,634 🙁

  2. Status the Gamer

    I beat your score by 4,620 points easily😂

  3. Александр Кох

    Please watch my new video I'm doing this better

  4. Psihopat For RB26r34Johny

    Bit disappointing seeing you run automatic gears.

  5. adi adi

    men, this video is for me , my frendly play game , in image for game , is from romania

  6. Lone Wolf

    I can beat this look up my name on the game or YouTube Chanel to see how good I am

  7. ラジコン二駆りんだりんだ


  8. Laurent Pierce

    my best score ive ever done was 9000 something because i suck

  9. DriftZone 64

    @IFightForOne lol u should do this again now on the new update

  10. Kazim Blaize

    i saw that u changed the rims how did u do that

  11. NOS

    +IFightForOne Awesome drift. How to you like the new R35 GTR now? That's the car i've been using to rack up coins on the Springstone track…