Scott Speed wins gold in X Games Austin Rally Car – ESPN

Scott Speed won a dramatic Rally Car final, becoming the first to take back-to-back golds in the event. SUBSCRIBE ▻ For more …

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12 Responses

  1. afa1515

    Don't they invite people of the FIA rallycross series? I mean Bakkerud and Block are the only ones. Loeb won 2012.

  2. swani

    You should really upload the full race. The heats,lcq and the final for those of us who can't watch it anywhere else or want to rewatch it 😉 

  3. tomasdias27

    like in the other years we'll say it again, dont say who wins, just put .. x games austin rally car ..

  4. TheTalkingSammich

    Ive never been into the rally but this years was just so GOOD! Every race was exciting! 

  5. Mondriadi Munir

    WOW!!! tough race, they didn't afraid to rub, run over or hit somebody. Where's Mr. Block??