SELF DRiVING ROBOT ATTEMPTS to beat Valentino Rossi (MotoGP Champion)

Yamaha has been hard at work on its autonomous Motobot racing bike, and this year, the company was confident enough to pit its creation against one of the …

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23 Responses


    That Bot was Marquez dressed as a robot. Off the Honda he is shit.

  2. ken mendoza

    Lugi si motobot sa lean ni rossi kulang pa ata yung pag adjust nila sa lean system nang bot

  3. Alex Betts

    1. Fuck the narrator voice.
    2. There is no consequence for a robot you can run it right in the edge of crashing all day with no fatigue

  4. IAmSevenSinz

    Skynet will arise, the judgement day is soon to occur

  5. bruno diaz

    jajajajaja encerio
    el futuro del motociclismo
    que diversion podra tener eso

  6. João Carlos Costa Moto

    São uns babaca robô é o Caralho seus pau no cu do Caralho vão se fuder

  7. Bricklinsv1970

    Fuck Motobot! And Fuck the Assholes that build all Robots!

  8. Yulian Baskoro

    Sometime human makes irrational decision that robot might never think of

  9. Tom Lloyd

    Machines and artificial intelligence will be taking over soon. You'll have a universal income while they work for us. They have no ego and won't mind it. Just don't make it defend itself.

  10. donkykóng

    No it won't unless they can find a way to make it stand on the pegs

  11. G Shock

    outside of improving human function i will NEVER be down with a movement of robots.



    El robots hará una conducción segura por lo tanto tendrá más tiempo en terminar la carrera😉