SEMA Drag Race: 240Z vs 370Z vs GTR vs Trophy Truck! – 2015 SEMA Week Ep. 5

It’s the final day of Sema Week Powered by Nissan and we’ve concocted a matchup of cars that only a child would dream of! Jessi has the incredible Nissan …

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46 Responses

  1. Isaiah Wall

    the truck sounds so much better even than the gtr😂 cant believe it

  2. Otsu2211 Play games!

    when u want GTR but u cqn afford Gtr-32 and supra engine only (no body)i feel enought even still Gts

  3. Steel

    motor trend when will you guys start listing the soundtracks you use in your video

  4. FairladyZ 91

    The only stock car there was the 370z it did what it was suppose to run if that 240 had stock engine it would be different and of course the gtr would win stock or none stock

  5. thelandofmisteroz

    I am missing my calling and need a job like this.

  6. sevan grigoryan

    And I thought that Suv would win the way it came in with that entrance

  7. SuperCuttysark

    That lady has the voice for a radio station that plays classic rock

  8. DaxX Gaming

    when the gtr pulled ahead I'm like welp I knew it would be over when it spooled up

  9. Chase Adams

    Man I hope to own all three of these one day. Absolutely love the series

  10. Mitchell Freerunning

    That GTR killed them, but I ave to give that 240 props for the acceleration

  11. Gamer Nas

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  12. jimmy birdman

    gtr don't need soo much power the gtr stock is obviously fster

  13. Michael Guerrero

    lmao at racing gloves for paddle shifters on a tight line

  14. 1991 2.0si

    240 with a skyline engine, anyone remember Tokyo Street Race 0?? If that 240 would've had anywhere 1k hp, it would've been an easy race for the original fair lady.

  15. Nathan Webb

    "I barely lost to Finnagan" yea no he kicked your ass pretty bad too Jessi, I love ya but damn you got smoked

  16. Michael Douglas

    why the help is the gtr driver so bad? horrid launch

  17. Kyle Caldwell

    I disliked this just because I can't stand Americans. It was too cringy to watch the whole thing.