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  1. St White

    Great video! Not only is it a very interesting and enjoyable subject but well produced. You showed the et and mph on every run. And great views of the racers because they were so long. Very good job.

  2. the bean

    woulda loved to see one of these guys slappin gears with a go pro or somethin


    not for nothing BUT those big rigs R going pretty fast!!!! and making great time's!!

  4. Adam Rodriguez

    jesus christ! those boys were moving. gotta have good money to build a racecar, how much to build one of these big bastards. or were they just running the rigs they drive all the time? god damn

  5. Quincy618

    That single axle daycab Kenworth was getting it😨😨😨

  6. LDN Wholesale

    While not real spectacular seemingly working trucks [sleepers, greaded turntable etc] doing 15.06 @ near 98 mph is quite impressive

  7. kain hall

    they may be slow……but holy fuck, they move around more than a funny car….

    lotta power….but a lotta weight….probably the scariest 19 second passes ever!

  8. Eagle Plumber

    gotta to love watching the torque on those diesels

  9. Turd Ferg

    Many of these semis run faster times than a lot of cars you see on the road.. hahaha

  10. Vince & Linda Taylor

    WOW like seeing the real trucks going down the track.

  11. redlinemotorsportts

    never thought this was impressive until i went to one of these events in e town, shit your pants when you see a dump truck run a 13