Sepang 2016 MotoGP / Full Race / Malesia Gp

Sepang 2016 MotoGP / Full Race / Malesia Gp.

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21 Responses

  1. Tri Yudisantoso Masulili 98

    go lorenzo… for you is the best,…. my be next time willn you championship 2017 years a go,…

  2. alexandros chamosfakidis

    Dovi powerrrrrr!!!Grande Andrea ci voleva!!!!!

  3. charlybravo

    why you didn't put on full screen mode? Thanks anyway for your share m8.

  4. Dro gon

    So disappointing the Malaysian MotoGP fans, mostly the Rossi fanatics to cheer the accidents of Rossi's rivals

  5. Sri Joko

    marques mental tempe,,ntalinya kayak krupuk kena air,,plempem…