Sexy Gisele jumping in a Raptor

We were going to shoot a promo for TX2K13 with a Lamborghini but it was wet and rainy out so we too Gisele (XOGisele) out for some off road action. And yes …

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36 Responses

  1. ChuBroSki

    i don't need a raptor to mess her sexy ass hair up ;)

  2. عبد الله المازني

    this is on one of the parts in my life when i just waste my life watching boobs.

  3. Kustom Hooligans

    I swear, 95% of these chicks who have tit jobs look like this chicks sister, same makeup, same hair color, same makeup colors, same shirts, same body shape, same pants and shoes, same teeth, same dumb laugh, same over inflated ego that's in no proportionate to their looks. And for personality? Fuckin forget it. And no, Im far from jealous. Ive had more than a few cookie cutter blondes stay the night and go out for breakfast in the morning.


    now if it had crashed and the bimbo had died..Now there would be a great video.. one can only hope, sigh

  5. Zaubere Àrif

    i like you video xxxx I love you call me on my mobile 07391909878

  6. StickFiguresMaster

    how the fuck do you even contact her? shes like the #1 pornstar very well known all over the Internet basically o_O

  7. Buttz

    That moment when the suspension bounces more than her tits

  8. BaldTech USA

    a beautiful pair of bobs…

    nah jk fam those tits are fake af

  9. TEIS3210

    she looks like she's 40 &. her tits are so obviously fake its hurts my eyes….. americans are weird

  10. Josh Evolved

    Tucks seatbelt under tits
    Pulls shirt down to expose tits
    Probably fake and look like hell bare

  11. ice irish

    hey all, my friend had some good success with theSoaringBaller programme (just google it). Was pretty cool seeing his results…

  12. Gas MaTTeD

    21 лям!!!!хорошо что шею не свернула

  13. David Colantuono

    I'll give you one guess why I clicked this video.