Shakedown at the Racetrack! Drift Garage Ep. 206

Drift Garage Season 2, Episode 6: Professional Formula Drift drivers Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck head to New Jersey’s Englishtown Raceway to test out …

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26 Responses

  1. Matt Miller

    As the chase car how do you see through all the smoke?

  2. Soul Evolution

    Im a noob to drifting so I guess getting a 350z or 370z for a beginner would help me give a head start. Question is, stock car like 350z or 370z, do I need to change anything before getting into drifting? I guess 1 point is good tires. Anything else?

  3. Thugh Knower

    How do you address the the fuel starvation issues on the 370z ?

  4. Erick Cid

    Mustang killers lmao fuck ford Eco boost lmao this right here is Muscle killer 🙂 v8s lol

  5. Lieutenant Ballzacki

    What's under the hood of Forsberg's s13? KA, SR?

  6. hipe gamer

    Hello Ryan tuerck I I'm Henry I met you at Santa pod England and was wondering if I could have your crazy kart. All the best Henry

  7. the names rick just rick

    What body kit is Ryan using on his white frs? please!

  8. 30spooln

    I like Z cars but with the 2jz swap I would take the FRS.

  9. 30spooln

    That's why I seen you installing Champion Spark plugs in the Z because they're one of your sponsors. I would still run NGK plugs. lol.