Shifter Kart DRAG RACE! They’re Not Meant For This!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram and Snapchat probably always see me out at the Go Kart track. We talked to the track staff and they decided to let us …

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45 Responses

  1. biggdaddy2001

    Lol 125 that's little kids size try a 300-450 now your talking shit my first shifter had a 175 Kawasaki on it

  2. I Watch YouTube

    I cringe every time I hear a 2 stroke engine brake

  3. buddymartin71

    Take the carts and do a quarter mile drag race for Dale at the track in Bradentucky.

  4. Drew

    I stuck a 250R 3wheeler motor in a shifter cart back in middle school with a friend I think he still has it in the shop I should find out it was fun as hell.

  5. VooDoo Gaming

    Do a drag race between the go kart and your vette

  6. YZFoFittie


  7. Jose Martinez

    making me wanna build one of these little fuckers lol

  8. Red

    Thought I burned up my clutch on my 125 shifter last season as it kept revving but I wasn't really going anywhere, barely made it into the pits. Track mechanic told me in his 30 years he's never seen a burned up clutch. Turned out the damn thing actually sheared the sprocket right off the rear axle instead. Got a nice 2 piece woodruff key and a dented axle, that was fun.

  9. Kenneth P.

    is that the same jeremy that tuned mikes and nicks cars??

  10. The PIANA Meth Pills Diet

    thanks for not clickbaiting like the rest lol, thumbs up 👍

  11. Boosted B Series EK

    Garrett seems like the kind of dude that I would hang out with.

  12. Oscar Thorpe

    do shifter karts have limiters or do they just get to a point where they can't rev any higher?

  13. Kevin Biggerstaff

    thats a nice cart, now lets shove some shit in the exhaust! DI4D!!!

  14. Winz Horton

    Hey cleetus, I used to race at andersen (I drove a tag kart there and I have the tag seniors unlimited class record) oh, you don't believe me, well, the guy who started you out was matt, the co owner is carl, there is a garage that has sliding glass windows and a decal that says:"old farts garage"

    i used to have garage 2 so if you can get in there, here is some SERIOUS proof, there is a beaten up white table that stretches almost the length of the garage and there is a white fridge that has a mysterious brown stain in the freezer

    I will be at arp this Saturday for rentals (I would use my tag but I kinda broke it,engine bolts are snapped, the battery is trashed, the safety switch was snapped in half etc.)

    I hate to do this but can I get some likes so that cleetus can see it

  15. Pauls

    If only in the UK we had good weather id be up buying a outdoor kart

  16. Will Salisbury

    You don't look comfortable in your kart yet. Clearly your a tall guy, I would suggest looking for a chassis with an extended front porch, or laying the seat back farther so you can get more comfortable with your legs, it'll help your driving, and balance of the kart overall. The new transformer seats even have a bit of leg support which may help for a tall guy like you. I've been running tag the last 5 years, and just got a stock honda, i'm itching to get out an give it a go!

  17. Brandon Davis

    Put a cr 250 motor on it and get rid of the 125

  18. Mn Blackout

    You so need to lanch food like potatos out your exaust.

  19. jose montemayor

    you should put a gsxr engine in it it would be fast asf

  20. Dylan Neman

    where is that, next time i visit the US i wanna go

  21. Zachary Peters

    I used to work at a kart track throughout high school and watching those take off is ridiculous lol

  22. Zach Hobson

    So did you guys make these yourselves? I'm sorta new to this channel