Simply… The BEST Drifting Compilation! | Video Digest

Cars Drifting, cars burning out, cars sliding, cars driving fast, it’s a great watch for all you car lovers out there! Please forgive me for not having the original car …

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44 Responses

  1. 5000isbetterthan2genders

    Am i the only one who is sad this doesnt have fidget spinner

  2. Joshuafree321

    uhh why are there clips of doughnuts? I thought this was a drifting compilation

  3. Říkej mi Automobilista

    Am I the only one who loves songs and drifting together in this video?

  4. UltraThinker Noodles666

    He wasn't lying….one of the greatest compilations!!!

  5. GAMING WITH Clash Roayle Dude

    What is the last song?

  6. karthik m

    y u added the music.. won't got the original sound drift sound

  7. Kenyston Killa


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  9. Tiers of eMotion

    I like how everyone complains about what a drift car is supposed to be. when really its all about the control that you have to get your car to go sideways.

  10. Brandon Murphy

    Would have been better without the slow motion though making a 15 second clip 40 seconds

  11. Kiggins McBiggins

    This video makes me wanna play forza horizon 3

  12. Supercars in England

    Probably the most stunningly good video for car enthusiasts

  13. meloN_ best_

    Hhahahahahaha can drift a supercar???? Wtf lmao

  14. Regularjake55

    put this behind any rap song instant music video

  15. sTrYkE

    I litteraly turned on: Inital D – Deja Vu. Then turned on this video in another tab, muted the audio and heard the magic happen xD

  16. Алексей Тарасов

    Somebody. Tell pls mp3 track of THIS vid! Awesome!!! It's unbelliveble!!! Damn it!😆😊😊😃😄



  18. Joe

    mad mike isnt drifter hes power slider learn the difference althoe awesome compilation