SIZE MATTERS 2 – Mike Ryan’s Pikes Peak Castrol Oil Freightliner Race Truck Size Matters 2 is Mike Ryan’s 2nd gymkhana styled video full of super-sized stunts and close quarters drifting action. Legendary …

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31 Responses

  1. BlueDually4x4

    This one and the first Size Matters are hands down my favorite vids. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to a third one.

  2. Nahum Traore

    je percoi mieux le bruit et jpense que c est un moteur de f1

  3. Tomasz Pawłowski

    2:18 when truck shows again, for sure he hit the container(mr. Mike, did You? ;)) Nice one, nice truck, nice, nice, nice.
    Anyway. Those engines have at least 2500hp, and its a damn diesel, so it got much of torque.
    Sound is similar to f1 cause its probably v10 or 12 engine, and there for sure are 2 or more chargers

  4. Tyler Coates

    the part where you were doing donuts together gave me a raging erection


    imagine if this is what happened in the beginning of the Fast and the Furious 1 Dom and his crew wouldn't have stood a chance

  6. Kingdom of Afro

    How many people saw at 2:56 that they forgot to remove the ramp to place the car on two wheels?

  7. IAmTheFletch

    Excellent video, great work. Would you mind looking through my vids?

  8. George Mitchell

    Someone stole ur vid and called it fast and the furious 8 and it is getting a ton of hits

  9. LiovoPlays - Gameplays

    Damnn! How much power does that truck have? Maybe 1000HP Above or something !!!

  10. DuplaCraft

    I can get sue video and post on my channel so I can Brasileiro

  11. shumail larik

    i have watch this vedio 100 times and can watch 500 times more , wow its soo cool watching it from two years very nice job

  12. Anthony Ingram

    finally figured out why the truck lools strange, it only has four wheels instead of 10

  13. Rob H

    some one stole ure video and has named it fast and furious 8 its getting a lot of hits

  14. matt beshears

    Wow amazing video. Every part, even "continuing the dream" at the end. I loved it, like passing the torch. Beautiful from the vehicles to all theatrics.