SKETCHY VERT Clean Sweep – Roll Racing + Drag Racing CHAMP!

This Procharged Trans Am known as SKETCHYV VERT makes right around 1000 horsepower and DOMINATED Street Car Takeover Houston’s classes! Making …

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33 Responses


    Sketchy Vert it's BEST Vert. 😁👍 and cool internet points for sticking a DANA back there and not some nasty ass 9" Ford.

  2. enemay

    The pizza I had earlier wasn't very good, it was in poor health, had to put it down only after one hour, all good though cause it was on sale.

  3. Bob Falfa

    Quick car but it's not a good idea for the drivers head to sit higher than the cage in a car with no roof

  4. Chad

    if the clutch was slipping it'd do it in the higher gears which it looked like it was holding pretty well.

  5. gordyn kirschner

    OMG THAT CAR SICK AS HELL!!!!! Love it, but just not much for a convertible birds. But otherwise bad ass!!!!!

  6. Zac Elder

    I always like to watch the sketchy vert vids but why do they call it that?

  7. cactusjack thegreat

    buddy in the fox with the domino's sign was a joke how he made it to the finals is unbelievable there must have been shit for cars there that weekend

  8. cactusjack thegreat

    buddy we were side by side sketchy very I didn't see it lol cause dude was never side by side with him

  9. Nik

    Awesome car, could definitely use someone who knows how to drive.

  10. Xristian Carvajal

    Lettin the bald eagles eat! Nice job Sketchy Vert

  11. Christian Stephens

    This video was awesome, love this kind of content, thanks guys

  12. Jonathan Cisneros

    side to side lmao. no he was starting to put lengths hahai

  13. THT1supercharger ahh

    I want to see sketchy vert and farm truck race

  14. Wild Child RacingFX

    Holding it down on a very sh*tty track. Good stuff, shout out to THE VERT

  15. RyanWalker677

    Is the tape on the back end so that rubber doesnt stick to the exterior?

  16. twisted1

    come on people why the dislikes? ole boy drove the shit out of this sketchy ass vert an won 1st place

  17. Jay K

    Love all the sketchy vert vids…would be awesome to see that thing in person! Thnx 1320 and sketchy!!! Ur ride is kick ass!

  18. Isit Fast?

    That's things shoots flames so aggressively and loud it's amazing …probly hear that thing for 5 miles at midnight around town lol