Škoda Fabia R5 Rally Car Sound – Starts, Accelerations, Anti-Lag & More

Watch and hear various Škoda Fabia R5 in action during some events I was in the last few months! — Subscribe to my 2nd channel here: …

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13 Responses

  1. TheMick26

    What a great rally car! I love how quickly these cars change direction… so amazing! I'm going to have to penalize the driver for giving the barrier a love tap 💓 at 1:14, but being a fair man, I must give him extra bonus points for spraying the photographer with coffee grounds at 1:21 . 😂😂😂 Another top-level video, Bozzy! Big thanks for sharing your love of motorsports! 👊

  2. ferrariftw

    from all the r5 cars its the most silent and with the worst sound.the 208 and the ds3, sounds amazing almost like an atmospheric engine.this one sounds like turbo.i think that scoda must fix the sounds and make it sound like a proper rally car.

  3. Mart Brett

    Excellent videos !!, I love the quality of video and even more the audio quality, I congratulate you, you already have another subscriber from Argentina !!!

  4. BP Motorsport

    I love Ford but this is the best R5 car in rallying right now hands down

  5. Álvaro Mendes Prado

    The way it comes down the road at 1:32… Wow !
    Rallycars are love, Rallycars are life 😍😍😍💙