Skoda rally car vs Noble M600 supercar

Steve Sutcliffe finds out whether the 650bhp, rear-wheel drive Noble M600 can compete with a 265bhp, four-wheel drive Skoda Fabia rally car on our handling …

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35 Responses

  1. Adnan Bhuiyan

    I personally do believe that this was quite an invalid experiment, race cars are to roads as rally cars are to dirt and rough tarmac, still, you can't hold that natural curiosity for comparison now can you ?

  2. gullyg123

    S2000 cars like the skoda are geared to have a top speed of around 120mph, therefore all of the "do a 1 mile drag race" comments are invalid.

  3. mieguistumas

    Ahhhh, manual gearbox in a supercar… More manufacturers should do that and leave autos for americans and never show them nowhere.

  4. Umer Sharif

    Sutcliffe is famously handy as a driver. Chris Harris always used to praise him as one of the fastest road tester (they used to work together).

    Some stickier tyres would have made a difference, definitely. Maybe helped close that gap, but it isn't the driver difference.

  5. Malc180s

    But then it wouldn't be a comparison of a supercar and rally car?!?!

    Why do cars have to be the same in order to compare them? That's just a stupid thought. This is quite an interesting comparison – it gives perspective to the pace of both cars.

    Christ on a stick people are thick.

  6. essextunedcars

    was pretty pointless but then again no offence to the presenter but maybe they should of stuck a racing driver in the m600 with racing tyres

  7. Alex De Giuseppe

    It's a stupid test. Supercars are good only on the fast. Or track (not all). Just 2 corners and a Rally car is much faster… Sorry for my bad english, I'm Italian.

  8. Deses

    I don't understand this test. You are comparing a WRC car, with a proper setup for the track with an stock supercar?

    Do a proper rally setup to the Noble or use the Stock Fabia, :/

  9. christopher johnson

    i wouldn't even class it as a skoda its a space frame with a skoda shell on it

  10. ReticentIndignation

    After viewing this test, my new favorite supercar is the Skoda…what's it called…Fabia, yeah that thing.

    I can't believe this test was even a consideration, I really like the M600 for what it is, not that it couldn't beat a ridiculously tricked out little rally car around a turn or 30 seconds of a little track. Any other vids of the Noble M600? I prefer those over the Skoda-thingy.

  11. Chris Davies

    The sound of a 2-litre-4 being thrashed to within an inch of its life does absolutely nothing for me. And in fact, I'm happy to pay large sums of money to never hear it. 😛

  12. Jared Tate

    it is a rally car they are insane.
    you really need to see them in person run stages and you'll appreciate it doesn't come down to engine size, more so rapid fast gearing with crazy drivers

  13. RaisedByWolves79

    I love cars, including the M600… but this was bloody pointless

  14. Mihajlo m

    lol WRC car would eat this noble if Skoda did this to it .

  15. SkrytaHrozba

    What if, that racing driver is better in skoda and other has more experience with noble? Then how can u make it fair? Even if it is driven by same driver, his experience with both cars could be different, so he can´t push one like other…..

  16. ascaria10v8

    That guy is not a racing driver like the guy in the skoda … Put a racing driver in the noble to , and let's see how it end , i am not saying the noble will win but let's make the race fair .

  17. HowkeyLL

    yeah but those skoda tyres are half the width than the m600 =)

  18. Spillow

    True as long as the temperature is right for the racing "t i res"

  19. andisafication

    Well it is because these Americans thinks their English is perfect. In fact he cant even differentiate between your and you're.

  20. Chris C

    LOL troll more. Its cool you can cus over the internet.

  21. Chris C

    LOL yes your the only country in the world who drives on left hand side of the road and spells it tyres .

  22. Chris C

    Im dumb as fuk? yes lets compair a small 30% less weight rally car to a stree performance car thats NOT geared for short corner bursts. Its not even a competition.