SLEEPER Scooter Goes Street Racing

From turbocharged Silverado’s to GT500’s, this tiny wheelie-popping scooter was taking down everything that dared to race it! It brought endless entertainment to …

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29 Responses

  1. RussianDaddy1

    Every week a scooter gang shows up to eat and cruise together. its old people on scooters only. I wish this guy would show up one day to smoke these guys.

  2. Broxty

    I had a 172 Molassi in my Kymco liquid cooled. I would laugh my guts off smashing fag mustang owners, All while spending $8 a week on gas hahaha.

  3. Tony Irish OG O'Dell O'Dell

    The GSXR 600 and surprisingly the Truck was the only real competition! that's Epic..

  4. Brandon Schmeidler

    Is it just me, or do all of these races look slow as fuck?

  5. Albert Townsend

    Id win a race to on a scooter if im slightly going into the other guys lane at take o0ff too lol He appears to be doing that against the truck. I could be wrong

  6. cider Dixon

    that scooter sounds horrible , if you live in taiwan you'd hear that thing every 5 minutes.

  7. derick pryor

    after a quarter mile the scooter is trash..just the take off hes beating them

  8. Raj Patel

    Typical American muscle cars are a global laughing stock.
    We all knew they couldn't corner, now they can't even move fast… smh.

  9. Kyle Zeus

    I know this would defeat the definition of a bike but some training wheels would provide a stable 0 to max speed

  10. G Draco

    he was only winning becuase it was a short race if it was like a mile or more he would win obviously but nice scooter

  11. Alexander Estk

    He's lucky that none of the mustangs swerved into him.. We all know mustangs love to do that.

  12. Nicholas Ash

    Is it just me or did the truck get off the line better than any of the cars.