Mesmerizing tire WRINKLE, suspension tweaking, flying wheelies, billowing smoke clouds… it’s amazing what a simple iPhone slow-mo clip can show you. Drag …

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35 Responses

  1. Segloa Marti

    one day when petrol is scarce, people will cry when watching this

  2. Sortkanin

    That track at the end of the video, can anybody tell me what track is that? =) Thanks in advance :D

  3. Trever Gardner

    At the way beginning that was Mad Max-Jeff Lut's car

  4. Saša Stoimenović

    How cool
    The tyres are so satisfying to watch

  5. Смурный Котик RUS

    чё там хот-род кричал?:D

  6. ihatestupidpeople264

    Man, Gotta love them Wrinkle slick tires! To bad there only good for around 6 to 7 rounds each set… Great Video man!

  7. Reuel Cheyne Fernandez

    hey way is the truck dragster Lock's like pigpen on roodkill

  8. IamMcGyver

    I didn't feel like reading all 400 comments but these are all from HotRod drag week! Can't wait til next spring!

  9. Censored Fx

    astonishing how the tyres dont pop at that amount of down force and rotation speeds

  10. Isatnt waffle man

    1080P on an iphone well good job iphone you did great!

  11. retrogamer33

    Surprised those tires don't rip to shreds under that kind of stress