Smart Car Drifting in Japan Check out the Smart car sliding around in style on the tracks of Japan. This is one video you …

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48 Responses

  1. Captain Falcon #07

    Was watching this and thought Deja Vu (Initial D) was in the video when I was also listening to it XD

  2. najirban

    So IT IS possible to drift a Fortwo! I'll take  new one in black, please.

  3. 京アニ大好き関西人 ガンダム&


  4. uncleduzz

    you got to have balls to try drifting with a smart!! 😀 idk how didn't it turn upside down, its so short and tall

  5. Леонид Екимов

    никогда бы не подумал что на смарте это возможно))))

  6. usfootman

    Bhahahaha!!! It has short base and wide stance, looks so funny when drifting.

  7. shiftoptionk1976

    Only japan can make a car with such a short wheelbase drift

  8. HightLink

    It doesn't look so good when it's drifting cause it's so short

  9. Speedytrip

    With such a short wheelbase, must be very tricky to drift…

  10. Guillame Falardeau

    A Drifting Smart looks retarded but Hell that Car works with some super-bike engine!

  11. GhostXoP

    They drift everything in japan

    bikes, cars, women

  12. cartman934life

    Everyone on the track that day was laughing….


    This shit is too comical not to like! 31 people smoke pole.

  14. Airride197

    Дай японцам холодильник, они и его заставят дрифтовать)

  15. Simon Drapeau

    Id still go for The SmartHaya even herd they do the same with Daihatsu minibus thus miniboss XD

  16. Truce

    you could get a r34 and still have 5 grand where i live

  17. Simon Drapeau

    It cost's 17 000.00$ USD to convert it to a Smart Hayabusa 1400cc in Florida USA .

  18. xXMNM808Xx

    This guy shows us that you can own a smart car and still get pussy…

  19. tekhed580

    Found this video elsewhere, Spot on! that one in particular has a GSXR-1000 engine,

  20. DerangedSloth555

    Why are you here in the first place? Go back watching your 1/4 mile.

  21. WorldCarTuningFans258 and AZN Music

    your sucks! all Gm and Dodge can't doing it!

  22. Johnson Ian

    Dont you have to have…………. Why even ask? Just do the world a favor!

  23. Adam Purcell

    Stiffer rear suspension and slightly stiffer rear roll bar to stop it bouncing and that will drift like a king