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  1. DarkflamedPyromancer

    KA or Z24 hardbody drift truck would be cool. Pretty cheap and durable.

  2. krzysiekv12

    Is crack tractor tommies new distribution car? Or am I getting something wrong

  3. Thomas Iwachniuk

    So can I get my Fucking stickers? Bought the shit on December 3rd and haven’t gotten anything. FYI: Address is 100% correct so I’ll kindly take my $50 back thanks.

  4. TGSP

    Lmao , right after the ls1 e36 was off the screen an ad played with the song "don't you forget about me"

  5. rampage the sneaky lil bitch

    you drive a 4×4 in snow like i drive a slamed 850 volvo whit no springs on it so its flat to the ground scrapeing. com on dude give it a little gas

  6. elementalblaze79

    Well I remember when I upgraded my tires to a larger size(215/65R14 to 265/70R16) I to, my brakes seemed weaker! It turns out with the new tires added weight, it takes more to stop them! Think of centrifical Force of the tires to want to continue spinning vs. changing rotational speed, heavier tires take more power to stop vs. Lighter ones!


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