Spin Tires | Racing the UNDRIVEABLE RALLY CAR! Multiplayer Fun with JeepGuy

Back at it in Spin Tires with JeepGuy! Had an awesome time with the Dakar trucks and rally cars! Even though the rally cars were slightly undriveable… Don’t …

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43 Responses

  1. Jelle Hegeman

    Can you ask JeepGuy where I can find that video about the dakar where they rebuild their transmission on the road?!

  2. Aria Andrety

    where did you get the map?
    and make more video like this plz.
    thank you

  3. Jennifer Wikene

    Anybody think forza horizon 3 needs an off-road dlc? obs ford, chevy and doge diesels???????

  4. shadowwolv21

    Tom you need to use more mitsubishis. try the montero mods, they're really fun and will chug through anything

  5. Eros DeWitt (plowdriver906)

    Tatra Trial Truck Trials. Say that 5 times fast. XD

  6. Gigabit Games

    I wish Spin Tires physics didn't get all wonky at speeds :(

  7. DRIFTP4NDA 42

    okay lol I thought that was my headphones and I was worried

  8. TC9700Gaming

    Guys, I'm extremely sorry about the audio spikes! Will have them fixed ASAP!!

  9. Jacob Wolfe

    I love this map. Please do more races like this on this track . This is awesome.

  10. Carl schindler

    hi tc9700 I make spin tier videos plz give a shout. I'm a sub

  11. Jonathan Drabick

    Tomcat been here since spint tires beta and I'm going to stay for as long as I live your the best man love your vids keep up the good work 😍

  12. Jordan Kitchens

    hey tomcat uhh idk what is wrong back this video will not play for me

  13. silentkillergaming

    hey tc9700gaming they need to make a demolition derby or you and jeepguy should go to a map and demolition derby

  14. Evan Gibson

    Your mic keeps getting really loud randomly for short periods for me idk if it was for someone else

  15. fpswills

    is it me or i keep getting audio spiked as in he's quiet than a spike of an audio goes high

  16. Aply Gaming

    Hey tomcat I subbed to you at 50,000 subs bro I'm freckin amazed how you grown bro u tha best man tomcat tomcat tomcat!!!