Street Race Talk Episode 55 – Kye Kelley’s New Car

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23 Responses

  1. andrewr022488

    Why are you saying Kye's third gen is a Promod?? Google promod and see what kind of cars come up.

  2. Jack Waddy

    405 bring that shit to the radial world we will fuck you guys up see ya in February

  3. Luther Rogers

    They already filmed Street Outlaws N.O. second season when the first season was being aired on TV. Discovery never aired season two for whatever reason.

  4. Montiericko Williams

    He´s changing the engine to twin turbo huh lol and down the track lmfao facealm. U bitching about a dude calling the street A track but you calling A dragstrip A track lmfao

  5. devon Carlson

    They don't want promise but the crow is definition of promod

  6. Jeffrey Kraska

    kyes car isn't really a promod like che if or Lutz. and I'm pretty sure Nola is having another season because on fb kye said they were filming. I think in February they are coming back and can't wait to see it because kye is one of my favorite drivers and car. and because he dragged chief all three times they faced

  7. watahyahknow

    maibe monza has a second car that hes building , i guess a lot of the cars setup changing that he wouldve been changing too mush of the original car to make it worth it

    kye prolly missing the money he was winning before now that they outlawed (grin) promods from outlaw streetracing , after all building a new racecar takes a lot of cash

  8. Sim ABCXYZ

    Before you comment on how the new car is not a back half car I saw a post on Facebook saying that Kye was building a new back half car for the street. That post was wrong according to about 100 of you. That is why I said that the car is going to be a back half car so we will just have to wait and see if it is or not

  9. Warrior2200

    Fair weather Kye fans here, huh. Until next month. I can tell no one knows shit here…I mean no one. I like them all. I can't wait to see when his combo comes together and he drags the shit out of everybody….then everyone will be.. pause…right back on his balls. Toss the keyboard and pick up some wrenches…dumb bitches.

  10. donald grebeldinger


  11. NOIT81

    So many Big Chief and Kye Kelly Dick Riders, get y'all own car

  12. Mike Stowe

    his car is a promod. anyone who says its not is stupid. that's the only reason he beat justin. he's scared to even gamble as much money as justin did whrn he had the crow

  13. Rick Uyeda

    My favorite shows are when Farm Truck and Azn go "fishing". To me, that's real street racing. Going up against something you've never seen, giving car length or taking car lengths.

  14. James C

    It was the new murder nova in the dyno bay not on the dyno.

  15. James C

    It was the new murder nova in the dyno bay not on the dyno.

  16. James C

    It was the new murder nova in the Dino bay not on the Dino.

  17. E Page

    Only reason chief went all no more pro mods is he is taking his nhra. He wouldn't put up all that money and not use it. No nhra and the crowmod would have been all over the show and the list. Lol at all the people are all saying chief is so real now.