Street Racing in India | BMW M4 and Ferrari 458 Italia | Supercar Drag Race

Equipments I usually use You can buy them here 1-Cannon G7x Mark2 ( ) 2-Iphone 7( ) 3- GoPro Hero 4 …

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36 Responses

  1. Miku Sundarim

    Do some reaction video on …Ferrari ..
    Lots of love from Bangladesh….

  2. man ohar

    wth brother! Greater noida ke streets pe race karke bol rha hain ki expressway pe ki hain!Such a shit brother!

  3. nitish yadav

    u nailed it up man i think ur channel is the one of the best indian channel . on youtube

  4. Awesome Blogger

    0:40 those golden bentley
    Rolls royce belongs to nagars of delhi

  5. pani puri

    Where the hell you get these CARS.

    are you son of AMBANI

  6. Daaku Records

    seriously ferrari with m4 are u guys are dumb or just behaving like dumbass.

  7. The Lion KING

    You guys are having so much potential to grow big in the youtube world. But….drag racing on the streets and risking others and your precious expensive toys as well…nahhh that's not good!!! You can have the drag in the closed circuit or some deserted road, not on public roads like these. At the speed of 180+ you can't react for the slow moving vehicle in front of you. If you look at the past accidents in India, you could clearly see that there are more than 70% of the accidents happened to driver's negligence driving! Drag without helmet….come on man! Anyways, cool video to watch!

  8. Akshay Sinha

    Omg!!! What an Amazing video. Where I can get this Ferrari!??

  9. Pooja Gandhir

    hey mate, is it possible for you to get a bmw x6m for a drag race :3

  10. moizz khan

    You are competing a Naturally aspirated V8 Ferrari to a V6 Turbo charged Car that sound like its chocking on concrete that needs speakers to sound better. Really nigga ????😒

  11. Awesome Blogger

    Make a video of crashing the Ferrari lol !!

  12. Kulraj Ghag

    if you can't say "shits about to go down" properly you don't need to say it b 😂😂😂

  13. allan Paul

    do reaction video like taking ferrari to a college or like that !!

  14. Paresh Rathour

    bro this was awesome👌👌
    but still waiting for some prank car videos 😝😝😛😛

  15. Jayant Saindane

    keep this up.. you can be mo vlogs of India …just don't include your sister(if you have one)

  16. Neha Sony

    why you guys compare him wid mo vlogs ..he's an Indian pay some respect .if you can't appriciate him, at least don't talk shit bout ..he's doin really well 😁✌