Street Racing, Street Drifting FAIL / WIN COMPILATION – INSANE DRIVERS

FAST GUYS FAILS – WINS – Amazing Driving Skills – Street Drifting FAST AND FURIOUS IN REAL LIFE, CRAZY STREET DRIFTING COMPILATION 2017 Crazy people doing STUPID things during fast speed…

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30 Responses

  1. Trus No1

    Why on the streets with other passenger vehicles? Honestly, I wouldn't dare be so… Stupid! 'There, I typed it' and yes –Yes, I do feel better. You're Welcome!

  2. NiveusLuxLucis

    Thumbsdown for dumb as going through traffic videos and only the drifters showed skills

  3. Shadowline#248

    I can also play shit music and swerve through traffic like a cunt. Jk

  4. João Silva

    Got to the love the logo. Live your life, until you kill someone right?

  5. WarPunkIndustries

    Only skill i saw was the guy on the scooter doing mad 360's rest are bunch of lucky wannabes

  6. Zupis22

    Some of this are straight out bullshit. Some are cool but some are just stupid non-car guys messing around

  7. Franz Lobigas

    Well it'll be better if we have a song names in the description 😅😂

  8. Brandon Schmeidler

    Some of these look kind of cool but take it to the track you dick heads.

  9. Manav Mann

    Its these kind of drivers that give the car community a bad rep. Take it to the track not the road

  10. Brian Lee

    What a bunch of idiot. Putting peoples lives in danger isn't skill it's stupidity


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