Subaru Isle of Man Challenge Car: The Record Attempt

The Isle of Man TT Course is one of the most demanding tracks in the world. Watch driver Mark Higgins discuss the unique nature of the track and what it takes to …

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46 Responses

  1. zoey margera

    is his tires fully worn out or he use slick tires?

  2. Soccermom 6699

    Circuit? More like my grandma street where we used to buy flowers market

  3. dirtTdude

    finally a video to shut cyclists the fuck up about which is faster

  4. broomsterm

    Cutting to a different scene every 2 seconds. Video sucks very hard – where it could've been great…

  5. Bruno Moraes

    Top demais!! essa espirrada de turbo e música….

  6. Gary Billington

    Amazing driving skills, a third of the room the bikes have and less than a minute off them. Great video

  7. Leon Smets

    Peeps, shine Anybody hear larger than this one? haha

  8. ABo MALA

    It will need a proper car to bite these bike… i'm impress the GT3 car is still far behind.

  9. Tammy Bong

    know what, if they're going to let this Subaru on the isle of man, a track and race meant for moto gp, then they need to let more cars on this track, and hold an event at the isle of man thats meant for cars

  10. sdq sdq

    the car wasnt fast , his balls just got bigger ! lol

  11. Markywahlbarger

    2:38 he has a steering wheel button to change the attack angle of the wang 🙂 <3

  12. john smith

    whoever wants to get off drugs must watch this. It'll cure of your addiction fast

  13. Johny Kesz

    so the car record is 17m 35.139s
    and bike 16m 53.929s
    quite impressive

  14. TheProfessor Fate

    Only 40 seconds behind the motorcycle record. lol Loser.

  15. Jaqen H'ghar

    Awesome driving skills by Mark Higgins with one incredible machine built by Prodrive.

  16. flatmotion1

    standart 2.0 wrx sti. Sorry wasn't the 2,5 the STI or did I get something wrong here? Because If I want to buy a wrx sti it comes with 2,5l and only the wrx has 2,0l

  17. mickwosika

    Superb car and once again down to prodrive…Had an STI Rally spec in 98' and that was fast as fuck but this car unbelievable…Almost on a par with the top bikes…Amazing!!!

  18. WizardOfWhoopee

    So, production car, but with a super modified motor and chassis.

  19. shoppingbaglifter

    "it's only the superstock and superbikes" … superstock is basically your road legal 1000 with some bolt on mods and slicks and it's still faster than a full on purpose built race car … incredible !

  20. CounterPoint

    FAKE. There's no way he set the record in such a heavy car. It's a rough estimate, but his balls must add about 1000kg to the curb weight.

  21. d cammer

    Rally rules….Doing the Impossible at formula one speeds on rural streets in search of a race track….you do us all proud…good lads and safe

  22. the80h

    Everyone take note. Stretched tires are faster! 3:28

    225 45 will be faster on a 9" wheel vs a 8".

  23. REKCEP

    Dude, me doing the dishes is something special.
    A subaru pushing 650HP is not special. Its a fucking miracle.

  24. a j Carter

    Fair play to the man, good try, but all that money ,tech, slicks and 600bhp. Still cant beat a superstock bike you can buy from a shop, on road legal tyres, prepped by clever men in sheds. It's clear, cars are bloatmobiles for lazy people. Of course it would be different if it was raining. Your fags would get wet on a bike for a start, you'd drop your shopping and if your partner was still on the back at the finish, it would be no sex, just decorating for months!

  25. peter lamb

    What a beautiful piece of engineering!!……nothing like that hot boxer!!

  26. hashrulsubzero

    Gran Turismo logo, so this car will be in their new game 😀 ?

  27. Eduardo R Stevens

    My 2016 WRX´s clutch failed after 1 year of gentle driving…. Subaru won´t honor warranty; $1,600USD to replace…. Shitty overpriced car…

  28. DJRap999

    "small changes" to add 300HP yeah right! If there were really "small" they'd just include those in the stock car sold to the public!

  29. ADIGA!|Cheezo

    why don't you make these "small changes" on more production cars? and that wing!!!! DAT wing

  30. 金井巧樹

    Won't you please tell me the title of this song?

  31. Drew Laslo

    They should run more cars on the TT circuit. If not a small group of racers at one time then at least a time attack event. Watching his lap is FANTASTIC.

  32. rapier84

    Great video! Thanks for uploading
    – btw that was not a STI engine with a small modification. STis are on EJ25s at 2.5L. The last time a WRX engine looked like that was on a S14 WRC 😉

  33. TRF_Clan

    Thousands of flies died in the making of this video. R.I.P