Subaru Rally Team USA – Rally Colorado 2007

Now in its fourth year as a national level rally, Rally Colorado is shaping up to become one of America’s best and biggest rallies. The rally is based in the …

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20 Responses

  1. RPKVids

    NASCAR is boring, they just go round and round a bland oval and that's it.

  2. ScottishScoobs

    Nice to see a Scotland flag on the back window of one of the subarus

  3. Christian Mercer

    this music sucks donkey dick. let me hear the fucking subaru

  4. Jared Tate

    NASCAR is boring, rally driving is risky as fuck, requires skill on all parts a true sport.

  5. GaKVaK

    jk about that as i recognize both are hard but I would imagine that Rally has WAY more to it than Nascar.

  6. GaKVaK

    Because all nascar fans are drunks. And it's easy to keep up with. Jeff Foxworthy was not making a joke, he was confessing.

  7. MicrowaveKitty

    It's not like NASCAR is easy… it's just not as exciting as this lol

  8. Zelda Harkinian

    NASCAR is NASCAR and Rally is Rally. Two different sports that both involve cars and good drivers =)


    @Idontreallycare80 yeah, dont get me wrong, Travis is an amazingly gifted racer in any sport. It was just some food for thought.


    To the people bashing on NASCAR heres a thought…
    Travis Pastrana is winning if not placing on all the Rally events and yet he can't get a podium in NASCAR, maybe that tells you dumbasses theres more too it then go fast and go left! hahaha

  11. Nigel Webster

    rally's pointless… do you like that? I thought you wouldn't…. so stop bashing NASCAR…. even if it is boring…. I actually do like rally racing for the racing; not the crashes, none of that… if someone in rally does get injured, I get worried…. when he/she comes back, then that's what I call inspiration…

  12. Adnan Kashogi

    I l take this over nascar anytime but east africa safari rally is even better

  13. Lord Twaddle

    F1 boring and predictable….NASCAR pointless….Touring cars get smashed up too much……Rally=epic