Subaru Time Lapse Rally Car Assembly

Time lapse of the assembly of a 2008 Subaru WRX STI rally car.

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  1. trackerrrr

    Why don't they just get the bare shell from Subie directly???  Seems like a lot of extra work to strip the car down.

  2. Adolf 'Dolfy' Hitler

    The ten people that disliked this video work for Nissan

  3. iranjin1


  4. BigNastyreborn

    this may be a dumb question, but does it matter if you use a hatch back or sedan for rally like weight distribution or something or is all just based on preference? 

  5. talltomrich1

    It took them a whole hour to take seat covers off and another to jack it up?  Wow, i need to work for Subaru. 

  6. Evol_AF

    Oh yeah, well I'm going on 1 month and I don't even have the motor out, Lmao. Stupid Oregon weather. What I would give for a nice 2 car garage, or a shop! I have no idea where I'm going to put my front clip when it gets to my house.

  7. TheVaughnShow

    The only thing my '09 STi has in common with this one is the body! Everything else has been replaced!

  8. Matt

    Rally cars have to be road legal registered vehicles for them to be allowed to race!

  9. Seb Krause

    The car needs to have a VIN, body sells alone do not have this. Etc etc etc..

  10. HebeValiant

    hi. I believe it works out cheaper in the long run. they don't have to buy parts serperately

  11. beagleboyjones

    i would liek to go through the dumpsters at this establishment

  12. zippy0099

    AAAANNNDDD HE"S OFF…into the first corner and OOOHHHH SHIT! He is flipping end over end…what a HORRIBLE crash.

  13. Matt

    Simply because rally cars need to be road legal and registered and therefore it is easier to buy a car that has been registered and officially first built buy a proper company!

  14. Paul Rodriguez

    Travis Pastrana just destroyed the Car at X-Games. Thats what Rally cars are all about!

  15. jmholcomb1

    @jason3307 yeah, i thought it was minutes at first… 4 minutes to jack the car and remove 4 tires sounds better… then again, these guys probably aren't flat rate.