Subaru WRX STI Isle of Man: Flat Out – The Full Lap

Check out the Full Lap of the WRX STI at Isle of Man.

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49 Responses

  1. Papscal

    Your definition of flat out includes lifting and breaking? Thats interesting.

  2. David G

    great looking videogame? whats the pc's specs thats running it? the graphics must at least be set to ultra realistic

  3. Плебе Сцыт

    Обычная поездка на работу.

  4. TheDutyPaid

    You are quick, but I bet the mini cab driver I had the other week drives faster.

  5. Fluffy Waffles

    bpm spiked up to 160 when he slid a bit! My bpm would have been like 300 the whole way through….holy SHIT this guy has balls

  6. Alex NA

    Пацаны, как игра называется?

  7. Winston Smith

    All I thought about were the countless hours playing Manx TT in the arcade… beautiful.

  8. dowddash

    I need this in VR, too pussy to try in real life.

  9. 95in3rd

    i had no idea I could hold my breath for 22 minutes and 24 seconds!

  10. Dr4g0nW00d

    if i was driving there all the walls would be bleu painted from that day on

  11. 808BAMFasian

    Holy crap this is pure insanity. The speed is unreal.

  12. Pat Maloney

    Haha. 117 bpm at rest. Must be at a start line. Lol

  13. Jonathan Okuda

    Still no comparison to the bikes that run this.

  14. Jake Morrison

    Subiea have no character. Fantastic machines though

  15. BrianBell4073

    Proof (if ever it was needed) that bikes are quicker than cars.

  16. Sven Ren

    this is reallllly awesome, for students, just like the example answer in the exam

  17. Sebastian Ignacio

    was i the only one who thought this was a video game from the thumbnail?

  18. Mr Fezzy

    best YouTube content I've watched in a long time.. Excellent commentary.

  19. Joehie Ashraffi

    Warming up the tyres at 65mph doing the zig zag thingy, ah hell fucking no

  20. David Bergner

    This should be in 60fps at least! Amazingly fast!

  21. holden caulfied

    I never thought much of the WRX.. now I want one!

  22. m16 akm

    i bet in a properly tuned gtr he would smoke the bikers time

  23. Watch Geek

    lucky for me I was watching this while sitting on the toilet, or else I would have made a mess

  24. Fabrice null

    Why do we have to use 2 hands when racing?

  25. Ed Holtby

    That's no way to treat a car. You just get rubbish fuel economy driving like that. Lol