Subaru’s New Rally Car, and New Year – /LAUNCH CONTROL: S03E01

LAUNCH CONTROL IS BACK!! With a new 2015 Subaru WRX STi, it means Subaru gets an all-new rally car. Go through the development, and see the exciting …

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21 Responses

  1. David Johnson

    Man idk why they don't do what we are all
    Wishing and make a 1.6 smaller car just call it an RS STi. We miss Subaru and I fear it's a sleeping giant

  2. Kingston Wong

    can anyone please tell me what creates that chirping sound on davids new subaru, i've heard it on other subarus as well. its sick.

  3. craftycaveman

    Good job the British guys are there to show team USA the ropes

  4. Matt Rodriguez

    can  you fix the playlist so it plays in order and not backwards, Thanks

  5. VWRabbit2008

    What suspension is used on rally cars to get plush enough for the ride but handles jumps?

  6. FreedomWarrior

    Finally Subaru did a more decent Impreza. The last one was terrible.
    Still Mitsubishi Lancer is so much better in everyway.

  7. frankgile1996

    Maybe it's time Subaru makes a serious engine with smaller capacity than 2.0L and, more importantly, a smaller chassis that the Impreza. And, yes, I know there's already 1.6 and 1.8 L Subaru engines, but neither very popular or very powerful…. Just so that it can join the current WRC trend again…

  8. Code325

    I would really like to know the intro song! Anyone?

  9. TheDBall73

    I was hoping this would be a good point to release a hatchback…
    Oh well.

  10. Review Guy

    Amazing work subaru put into this. Im excited to see subaru back in the rally game. 

    It also makes your appreciate the detail and how much time it takes to engineer something like this. and to think about the possibility of it being totaled … would be horrible to see this if you were one of the mechanics that helped build the car.

  11. Michael Tarantino

    C'mon subaru! Get back to work! Please! We're begging you!

  12. prestigious0

    I love rally.  i wish it got more coverage or even a fraction of the coverage nascar gets

  13. alex ch

    Παντου υπαρχει ενας Ελληνας!! :)