Superbikes vs. Supercars – PERFORMANCE SHOOTOUT

First, the burn: Straight-line testing at NAS Lemoore. Yeah, we know, we technically should have called this story “Burn & Turn” because we conducted our …

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20 Responses

  1. juice jerry

    Yah the corvette had no business here haha, I wish they woulda ran them lol

  2. Sgod

    Why did we not see them run it what kind of video is this

  3. Hairo Master

    I agreed bikes can't be defeated…engene on whells

  4. Euge L

    Everyone saying it's not far because the bikes are limited to 180 are stupid, that's why the test was the fastest to 180 and the mcclaren won the 0-180 test so yea

  5. Peter Hormerte

    it does not take 1 minute to hit 180 in the vette

  6. Joshua Hilyard

    you pick a Z06 and P1 to totally different cars lmfao

  7. mark key

    the ignorance here is amazing. ALL the superbikes are limited in speed and also have various levels of powerlimiters as they approach their limits, this is everywhere, especially europe and the UK since that's where the govt threats of intervention brought on the agreement by all the manufacturers. the h2 can be derestricted to the tune of 240rwhp and with exhaust and flash will be up at around 270 rwhp. then it kills all these bikes and cars. kawi sold it neutered.

    and to the idiot talking about the honda blackbirds, that's speedo error, the bikes top out in the 170's and were produced before the agreement to limit speed, that does not count speedo error btw. the governor is run off of rpms in the engine in a given gearing. the speedo will show what it'll show but the blackbirds are high 170 mph bikes. the others here will run to or over 200mph. the h2 if derestricted can hit well over 220 and some have hit over 240 with the 270hp mods.

  8. mark shy

    It's about time bike manufacturers stop limiting bikes to 186mph when the supercars don't.

  9. Joseph Schneider

    corvette is not a super car…its a disgrace of performance….Americans cars just suck

  10. Ivan Alcibar

    No H2R? Shame… But makes it fair for the cars.