Supercar Drag Races! 458 Speciale vs GT-R, Huracan vs Turbo S & Many More!!

During Spring Event 2015, a supercar event held on an airport, there were a lot of drag races between all kinds of cars. Of course we were there to film some of …

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23 Responses

  1. Miguel Mattos

    One does not simply beat a tuned gtr with a proper driver

  2. Rocio Lopez

    i love the nissan gtr but it cinda suks ass like alot ov ass

  3. Rx Rx

    skyline cant deive for sh** …vkwagon is ok…corvette? poor corvette!

  4. LBrapper Vela

    lol the guy in the gtr was in 1st gear for a long time he was just trolling the audi.

  5. Godzilla

    The Audi cheated in every race, the driver got a jump start and got ahead with 1st gear and the GTR did not start correctly. Just get rid of that fat guy in the GTR and it would beat every car in here.

  6. Nathan Knight

    crappest gtr driver ever it would destroy any ferrari or lambo

  7. kassop

    Stupid drag race not even accurate of the starting line