Supercar Drag Racing

More supercars drag racing at the Lamborghini Festival in Houston. It’s so cool to get to see all these different cars on the drag strip, definitely a rare opportunity.

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23 Responses

  1. billy heaton

    All damn good runs but what set on that mustang it was pretty damn fast

  2. 卓尧杜

    i wonder how do those magazine do 10.8s in their test with lo610

  3. Dean Grimsell

    Eventhough I would also take the manual, it's interesting to see how extremely important a good driver is to get the manual Z06 to perform well. The 8 speed Automatic seems to be just so much better, it always gets a consistent under 11 second time

  4. chuff_chaser 11

    Take that piece of junk gt350 off the track that nowhere qualifies a supercar.

  5. qt f

    That corvette got spanked. Bad match up imo. Green lambo was garb

  6. James Lovett

    Wtf hahah those Huracans not using launch control and the first green one trying to launch in neutral haha?

  7. Manny Bothans Died

    Most of these guys should use some of their money on driving lessons. That 918 was sick though

  8. Alex Vaughn

    Is the Green Huracan in left lane at 2:55 trying to launch it by flooring it in neutral then selecting first? Yeah, uh, that's not how it's done haha!

  9. NismoFinder

    RIP Huracan clutch @ :47 Ouch, that was an Ugly launch.

  10. BoiFast

    You can tell a lot of these guys don't see a track very often..

  11. Marcelo S

    this line is very short, only favors the AWD cars, it was a straight mile was more interesting, I never put any of my cars in such a short straights, is equipment wear by nothing but good video of the event!